The Windows compatible ISO disc image is now available for download This is the second iteration The big change is that you can now go directly to the songs you want to here, as each song is a chapter of the DVD.

Thank you for taking part in our Bas Clas tribe download adventure!

Download the image to your PC, then burn the image onto a DVD. You will need a disc drive that includes a DVD burner on your computer in order to do this.

We're also curious as to who is interested in the music, but we are not pulling any information from your connection while you visit here. There are links on the right side of the page that can connect you with the various parties participating in the project. You can sign up and/or comment there.

Click here to begin downloading your disc image.

The file is about five-and-a-half gigabytes, which is pretty large. Download speeds are usually faster than upload speeds. Download times will depend on the speed of your network connection.

Click here to download the 14-page digital booklet that includes lyrics, photographs and credits.

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